Love Letters

“Eeep! Minnow Designs neoprene beach booties. Perfect for little beach babes tootsies. They protect your babes feet against hot sand, pesky sharp shells and slippery rocks while they explore the sand and see. Plus they are bright and on trend.”


“We are raving about the sheer brilliance of Minnow Designs‘ wetsuit fabric beach booties ($30) that let little ones (ages six months to three years) walk on hot sand without pain. Seriously, why didn’t we think of this? I’ll take two pairs right now, thanks.”

— Babyology

“Jack wore his beach booties for the first time today on the hot sand and they were a complete hit! (And matched his wetsuit!)”

— Danielle Rigg-Smith

“Thank you to Minnow Designs for helping our reluctant beach goer get on the sand!”

— Rebecca Brown

“First time trying out the awesome beachbooties by @minnowdesigns. They are unreal. Daddies feet were burning and she didn’t feel a thing. Would recommend these to anyone with little ones.”

— @therealdadsofsydney

“Loving Michaela’s new Minnow shoes! Not just great for the beach but for climbing and playing at the park too!”

— Erin Fuster

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